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In the beginning, most software development projects are a joy to work on. People are excitedly drawing on whiteboards and developing use cases: it's the fun part of the project. However, toward the end of the project's lifecycle, the situation often changes drastically. Requirements have increased and changed, budgets have been overrun, time is evaporating, and developers are 100 percent focused on patching bugs quickly, often leading to more bugs. The tips presented in this article help you navigate the unexpected and keep things on track.

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Organizations seeking to implement a formal approach to risk management or to improve their existing approach need a framework against which to benchmark their current Risk Management practice. This article describes a Risk Management Maturity Model (RMMM) with four levels of capability maturity, each linked to specific attributes. Organizations and projects can use this model to assess their current level of risk management capability maturity, identify realistic targets for improvement, and produce action plans for developing or enhancing their risk management capability maturity level.
As organizations become increasingly dependent of software applications to run critical business functions and store confidential information, the security risks surrounding software have increased exponentially. SRM Magazine talked with Allan Carey of the Framingham, Mass.-based market research firm IDC. Carey is IDC's program manager for Information Security Services and addressed the growing need for software/application security.